Section Wrappers stylize Components and Wrappers by adjusting their size and dimensions.We use CSS pixel guidelines, TRBL (Top, Right, Bottom, Left), to customize padding, margin, and border width. 

TRBL Design Table Example 
1px1px on all four sides
1px 2pxTop and bottom are 1px, left and right are 2px
1px 2px 1pxTop is 1px, right and left are 2px, and bottom is 1px
1px 2px 3px 4pxTop is 1px, right is 2px, bottom is 3px, and left is 4px

Click here for more information on CSS guidelines. 

If using a Text Component nested within a Section Wrapper, the Text font style will supersede the Section style if adjusted to anything other than Normal. 

Pro Tip

We recommend wrapping all appropriate Components and Wrappers in Sections in order to create seamlessly designed Experiences. 

Video: Image Component Before and After Stylizing

Image Demo.mp4