The Form Wrapper is used to collect user information. Blue Bite won't store this data, but through the Form Wrapper, we can connect to your preferred 3rd party services such as Salesforce, Formspree, HubSpot, or any other that accepts POST or GET requests.Forms will automatically hide when a user submits their information. Configure the endpoint and method with the Action and Method input options.

Pro Tip

Wrap Forms in Event Wrappers with a variable in order to keep Forms hidden if a user leaves the Experience and comes back. If this isn't applied, users who retap their Object will see another Form appear. You can also use Event Wrappers to displaying error messages if Forms have been submitted incorrectly. 



Form Submit

Send from data using standard HTML protocol. The page will redirect to your form handler after the user opts to send his/her data.

Fetch / AJAX

Send form data asynchronously. After the user opts to send his/her data to the chosen form handler, the data will be sent without redirecting to a 3rd party page. This method is preferred when using verified NFC tags.


User data will be sent to no form handler and not stored. Use type:none if you would like to store user data in Local Data or in Tag Variables. Studio users can input macros inside form submit after it's been submitted in order to collect user data on the tag level. This won't send data externally, but the values can be utilized internally.


The API endpoint that the Studio will send form data to.


Your CRM will specify if it would like form data to be sent via GET or POST methods. Make sure to consult and align with your CRM's documentation.


The name of the Form. This will be shown to the user in the mobile experience.

Video: Creating a Form and Hiding it Once Submitted

Form Submit Video.mp4