Action Components fire a specified action when it's rendered. Set the Action to link to a new URL, direct to a new Experience, change a Local Variable, or submit a Form. If the Action Component is not nested in a Wrapper, then the action will occur when the page loads. If the Action Component is nested inside a Wrapper, then it will occur when the conditions for that Wrapper are met. 


Choose the desired action taken once a user has rendered, tapped, or met set criteria (Wrapper).  

Link directly to a set URL once the said action has been triggered. 

Link to another Experience using the Experience ID once the said action has been triggered. 

Local Variable

Local Variables are cached on a users device and are present until the user clears their devices browser data. They determine whether or not the programmed logic will fire depending if the user has loaded a specified cached action such as a page load or tap. Buttons, Events, and other Action Components can all be programmed to work with Action Variables.

Clearing Your Cache

To reset the experience you should clear your cache & storage on your browser. You can find general instructions on doing so here.

Local Variables Interacting With Two Devices

Local Variables are scoped to Studio file and device level but can be accessed by different mTAGs.
Example: Two mTAGs share a Studio file with Local Variable: `page_count` set to `increment` by `1`. If `mTAG_A` is viewed/tapped/scanned followed by `mTAG_B`, the value of `rolling_counter` would increase from 1 → 2.
To ensure that local variables are unique to each mTAG, you can namespace the Local Variable with a macro.
Example: `page_count_{{tag:mtag_id}}`
Naming the Local Variable in this way would change the overall behavior to increment only in the case that Studio file, device, and mTAG are the same.
More about our macros and how to use them can be found here
Variable Name

The naming convention for the variable condition. Make sure the Variable Names and Values are consistent across all Components and Wrappers involved in their respective conditions. 

Variable Operation

Variable Operation "Set" will create the variable once it has been loaded. Variable Operation "increment" or "decrement" will count how many times a given action has been tapped and will deploy an action variable once a user has tapped a set number of times. 


The input set to satisfy the variable condition in order for the outcome to occur (True, False, 1, 2, 3, etc.).

Form Submit

When placed inside a Form, the Action submits the Form when rendered, unless it's placed in an Event Component.  

Video: Action Variable to Change Text After a Set Period of Time

Action Variable - Change Text .mp4

Video: Action Variable to Hide the Verified Component After it Loads 

Verification Demo.mp4