Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy NFC tags?

You can purchase NFC tags through our online store and we will add them to your account automatically. If you decide to purchase tags from a different vender and would like them to be compatible with the Blue Bite platform, reach out to us and we can assist with encoding instructions.

What is an mTAG?

mTAG stands for Mobile Tag. It represents an object that has one or more of the following technologies affixed to it: QR codes, NFC tags, and others. It is a gateway for your customers to access your stories. mTAGs are technology agnostic. Therefore, as new tools emerge, the platform will support them as well.


Why are all my interactions types Preview and not NFC/QR?

Interaction types are based on the technology prefix after the<technology-prefix><mTAG-short-id>

Here are the four main technology prefixes:

  • QR - q <mTAG-short-id>
  • NFC - n <mTAG-short-id>
  • URL - u <mTAG-short-id>
  • Preview - p <mTAG-short-id>

If you share a link with all clicks and or interactions will be classified as preview.

How do I encode Blue Bite URLs to an NFC chip?

From the mTAG table, select the mTAGs you would like to encode, click on the option box, and export the object information via CSV. Open the file with a spreadsheet program such as Numbers or MS Excel and locate the column named n_url. This column will have unique URLs that are properly formatted to encode NFC tags.

Once you have the proper URLs, the easiest way to encode NFC tags is with the Android app NFC TagWriter by NXP

How do I encode Blue Bite URLs to an QR Code?

Follow the steps above, but use the column q_url instead.

Can I edit multiple mTAGs?

Yes. Select multiple objects by filtering, clicking the object checkbox, or both. Then, click on Options and choose Batch Edit.

If you would like to uniquely edit many mTAGs, use the Export CSV option and send us the updated file and we will update your account within 24 hours.

I have an NFC tag and/or a QR code, how can I find the mTAG ID?

If the mTAG is set to the fallback experience, all you need to do is tap / scan it and it will show you the ID.

If you can't access the fallback experience or if the tag is redirecting to a different URL, you'll need an app to scan the code. For NFC chips we recommend NFC TagInfo by NXP and for QR codes we recommend Decode IoT. The encoded URL on the chip or QR code should be in the format: (NFC) or (QR). Simply copy and paste the "12345" part of that URL and search for it in the mTAG table.

Campaigns, Creatives, and Experiences

What kinds of files can I use as a Creative banner?

The best image files to use are .jpg, .png or .gif files less than 1MB in size.

What is a campaign priority?

When used with the Experience Studio, campaign priorities link Creatives to the corresponding Component. Position A does not require that the image be loaded first, but rather that it will load where ever you've positioned the "Campaign A" component.

Why are my campaigns not showing up in A, B, C, D order?

The position of the Campaign Components in the Experience Studio determines the order, not how it's programmed in the dashboard.

My campaign is assigned but now showing, why is that?

Here are some common reasons why campaigns might not be loading:

  • The date range either in the Campaign and/or Creatives is not active.
  • The creative image did not upload properly (size = 0x0)
  • The respective Campaign component is not in the Studio Experience File
  • The respective Campaign component is in the Studio Experience file but is not set to "Dynamic"

How will I know if what app my customers use to access when clicking on email or tel links?

tel: and mailto: links will launch whatever native application is set on the customer’s phone.

Experience Studio

What is the Experience Studio?

The Experience Studio is a companion to the dashboard that helps you customize the interface of your mTAGs. That means, you can to control the look and feel of your pop-ups, rearrange the campaigns to your liking, and add social media sites to the pop-up.

Can I change the language of the components in the Experience Studio?

Unfortunately, we don't have means of setting the language of components.

I made a template in the studio; how do I get it to show up on my tag?

All you must do is to click Edit on the mTAG of your choice and choose your preferred Experience under the Studio Experience Field.

Some of the components on my studio file are not showing up, why is that?

Here are some common reasons why components might not be loading:

  • Generally speaking, components will auto-hide if they have no content to show
  • Campaigns and/or Social handles might not be assigned
  • The component settings might be causing it to hide:
    • Verifications could set to false/true
    • Countdown is out of date range

The preview button on the studio doesn’t show all the right content.

The studio preview button only shows the default content of the experience. For a fully accurate preview, use the preview button on the mTAG dashboard.

How do I see if people clicked on my components?

This is only possible with Campaigns (Interstitial, A - I) components. If you want to track clicks inside the studio, consider using tracking URLs.


What is the difference between Interactions, Impressions, and Engagements?

Interactions: When a user taps or scans an mTAG Object an Interaction is recorded.
Impressions: After the Interaction, an Impression is recorded for every Creative displayed upon page load.
Engagements: After the Interaction and Impression, an Engagement is recorded when a user clicks on a Creative for the respective Campaign and Creative. Campaigns programmed 1:1 also record an Engagement with every interaction.

Impressions and Engagements measure Campaigns and Creatives. Interactions are recorded for mTAG Objects and Experiences

Can I get a soft copy of all the interactions I had in my account?

Yes! All you must do is go to the Dashboard and click the export CSV option. A report will be generated containing all of your interactions.

The map is showing interactions not in my location.

If your mTAG is [non-stationary], the map is based on a user's IP address. IP location lookups are accurate to city level, not street level.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We generally leave it up to the customer to designate their own privacy/cookie policy. If they do not have one readily available, we offer our own to be shared as a fallback. Ultimately, it is up to the customer to be responsible to inform their users what information they will be collecting.


How can I reset my password

You can reset your password by clicking on the Forgot Password button just below the Password field. It will ask you to enter your email address associated with your Blue Bite account. After that, click on Send Email. Our system will send you an email with the link to update your password.

Why is my account locked?

After five unsuccessful login attempts, your account will be locked as a security measure. The purpose of which is to prevent malicious attacks to your account and the Blue Bite platform. Reinstating access is as simple as resetting your account password, follow this link to do so: Reset Password.