mTAG Object Detail

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Object attributes and interaction information are displayed on the mTAG Object Detail page.

The mTAG ID is featured at the top of the page in both numerical (8 digit) and short code (5 character) formats. These IDs identify individual Objects and are encoded to each individual mTAG Object. Easily edit an object's attributes using the Edit functionality in the top right of the screen. 

Next to the Edit button, use the Preview button to preview an Object's content Experience. 

Authentication Preview

If using the Exclusive Wrapper and have a rolling code NFC Tag, the Dashboard will be the only place to preview an Authenticated and non-Authenticated tap. The Studio won't display an Authenticated Experience.

Preview Heads Up

If using the Verified Component, there will be two Preview buttons: Preview and Preview √

Preview will show an Unverified Experience while Preview √ will show a Verified Experience 

Object actions are listed both historically and on a map underneath the Analytics section.

Tag Data

Custom Tag Data added to an Object will appear here.

Find out how to add Custom Tag Data here.

Tag Variables (Formerly User Data)

Tag Variable values added to an Object will appear here. If a user updated an Object and thus changed the value of the Tag Variable, that change will be reflected in this section. 

For more information on Tag Variables, click here.


If the Object has a Campaign associated with it, that Campaign will appear here along with the Campaigns properties. Add a new campaign to the specified Object by clicking on New Campaign to the right of the data. 

For more information on Campaigns, click here.

Change Log

Highlights any edits made as well as the time they were adjusted. 


Provides real-time data, similar to the Dashboard tab, for an individual Object as well as an interactive map highlighting where those clicks occurred. Adjust the date ranges and export the data to drill down deeper and extract additional data points such as unique user taps, visits, etc. 

Social Component Priority

When a social media Component is present in the Experience, the Campaign of highest position with a social media handle (@) will take precedence over lower positioned Campaigns. Additionally, social media content programmed to a Campaign will take priority over those programmed to an mTAG Object itself.