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Gain big-picture insights into what and when customers are interacting with your Objects through the Blue Bite Dashboard. A number of visual charts are included to help make sense of your data, all in real time.

Total interactions are displayed at the top of the page with the option to customize the date range. Choose Custom Dates or presets like Today, Yesterday, Last Week, and Last Month. Additionally, raw reporting information can be exported in both .csv and .pdf formats from the same drop-down menu.


Aggregate charts are also included to visualize performance by Location, Type, and Audience. Use the drop-down menu located at the top right of each aggregate chart to change its scope.

All interactions for the set time period are displayed on a large map. Interactions are grouped into bubbles which display the sum of all interactions at that point.


The historical chart displays interactions over time. Hover over individual days to see the interactions for that day. Interactions can also be split historically by Technology, Venue, Asset, DMA, Device, Carrier, Campaign, and more.

Analytics can be broken down into three key metrics, each with its own purpose for understanding how Objects, Experiences, and Creatives are performing.

Interactions - When a user taps or scans a mTAG Object, an Interaction is recorded.

Impressions - After the Interaction, an Impression is recorded for every Campaign and Creative displayed upon page load.

Engagements - After the Interaction, an Engagement is recorded when a user clicks on a Creative.


Filter by location dimensions: Venue TypeAsset Type, or DMA.


Type encompasses the Technology associated with Objects users have scanned/tapped, whether the interactions were Verified or Unverified, or if the type action was an InteractionEngagement, or Impression.

Preview Definition

Under Technology, Preview refers to a click on an Experience preview of the given Object in the dashboard. 


Audience refers to the users mobile device specs: Device OS, Carrier, Manufacturer, and App.  


Hover over any line item percentage to reveal the total number of interactions. 


Locations are recorded for every Interaction, Impression, and Engagement based on either the Object's specified location (for mTAG Objects with a Venue Type and Asset Type set to [stationary]) or the device's location (for mTAG Objects with either a Venue Type or Asset Type set to [mobile]).

Stationary vs. Mobile

Use a [stationary] Venue Type and Asset Type for Objects of known and fixed location, such as a bus shelter or billboard.

Use a [mobile] Venue Type or Asset Type for Objects known to move. Location will be determined at the time of Interaction by either asking the user to provide their precise geo-coordinates or by the device IP address.

Zoom In

From the map, click on a bubble to zoom in on a location