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Run content across mTAG Objects and Experiences with Blue Bite Campaigns. Campaigns are containers that hold one or more Creatives and their associated reporting. 


Campaigns are assigned to individual Objects using the Object editor. Assigned Campaigns can be set to banner positions A, B, C, D, E-I (Swiper), Interstitial, and 1:1. 1:1 assignment redirects users to the designated Creative URL—skipping the Experience Page—when they Interact with an Object.

Campaign Details

Campaign information and reporting can all be found on the Campaign page.

High-level Campaign attributes are displayed at the top of the page followed by a list of all Creatives within the Campaign.

Full Campaign reporting is displayed by expanding the Analytics section. It Includes a historical chart of engagements, aggregate metrics of the locations, types, and audience attributes as well as a map displaying where Engagements occurred.


You can aggregate reporting using multiple Campaigns by selecting the check-boxes on the left and clicking Statistics in the upper right.

Campaign Create

To create a new Campaign, navigate to Campaign tab and select Options → New Campaign in the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner.

All Campaign properties are defined on the new Campaign page. Begin by entering the desired Campaign name, Creative URL Type, Creative name, URL, and Creative image. Creative images must be under 1MB in size and can be uploaded in the following formats: .jpg, .png, or .gif.

The URL parameter defines what page users will be linked to when clicking on the Creative image. There are six URL types to choose from: No Link, URL, e-mail, Phone, App Download, and Other. The URL-Type dropdown field is a helper to configure the URL field. Email and Phone options will invoke a user's email client or Phone app when used on a smartphone. The App Download option works just like a standard link; however, you may use a 3rd party service to specify how which app store to redirect to based on the user's device. We recommend

Define when a Campaign will run using the dates section. Creatives will be displayed within the Experience on-and-after the active date and will not be displayed on-and-after the inactive date. The start and end dates will only determine the default date range of the historical chart on the Campaign reporting page. They will not affect any data captured.

Run Indefinitely

To make a Campaign run indefinitely, do not set an Inactive date.


A Creative is an image and link associated with a Campaign. When creating a new Campaign, you are automatically asked to add a Creative. Additional Creatives can be added on the Campaign detail page using the Options > New Creative drop down to the right of the Creative section.

Creatives have a few unique properties allowing dynamic assignment and delivery across mTAG Objects. First, individual Creatives can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, monthly, once, and never using the frequency drop down. This allows individual Creatives to be served during specific time periods within the larger Campaign date range. Second, Creatives also have a weight property that affects how multiple Creatives assigned to the same mTAG Object and the same Campaign position are displayed. Creatives with higher weight will run more frequently than Creatives with lower weight. This is a great way to A/B test different Creatives to see how they perform against each other.